Spiritual Healing Services in Perth

Zamara - Owner of Zamara Divine Light Channel - Perth

We are Zamara, we welcome you to this space and offer our divine assistance in your journey of spiritual evolution and expansion.

As a Keeper of Celestial Heart Kis we are a channel for the Celestial Realms bringing Divine Kis to support a being’s heart to open, expand and encapsulate the true divine essence of their source self.

Through our sacred work we channel divine wisdom, love, kis, codes and enlightened technologies to support a being with the growth of their consciousness, higher self reconnection and transformation of their mind, heart and bodies.

We work in co-creation with many enlightened beings, primarily the Enlightened Masters, Cosmic Mothers of Light, Star Mothers, Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, Angels, Archangels and Earth Mother.

We have recently stepped into being a mentor for the Divine University of Sirius on the Earth Plane and are an Ambassador of Star Seeds and Spiritual Contact working with many Star Councils.

Our purpose is to embody our light and love on the Earth Plane in the highest way, so we may share this with humanity in accordance to Divine Will and the Divine Plan of the Earth.

We offer our assistance to support the ascension of Mother Earth and all souls that are in group consciousness with her so all may return to the true remembrance of the radiant light, love and power of the Divine that they are.

We invite you now to connect with our work that we offer in service to the light and all beings.

Blessed be to you.

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