Open to Channel

An advanced course for anyone wishing to deepen their spiritual connection

Open to Channel is a beautiful program channelled by In’Easa Mabu Ishtar that teaches and supports you to open to your higher potential and allow your Divine Self to guide your life.  To open your divine channel to your sacred spirit is a divine gift so you may be in loving service with all that is in life, no matter where you go or what you do.

As you walk the journey of opening your channel to your light you will learn how to co-create your reality on the Earth with the support and assistance of your Divine Self. Many opportunities of growth for your being will occur as you are activated by the light of your Divine Self, it only requires you to open to this.

During the Open to Channel School you will be supported by your guides, the Ascended Masters, the Teams of Light and Zamara to open your channel pillar to more of who and what you are.

A student study manual with 40 lessons and many audio recordings are supplied along with a letter with your assigned Ascended Master, personal focus for the year and a channelled personal message from your Master. You will be working in a group setting once a week, via being physically present or via a teleconference system.

The Open to Channel School teaches you to open your spiritual current and allow it to flow through you so that you can channel the enlightened consciousness of your being and resolve any parts of you that is limiting or blocking this access to your divine self.

Zamara, the Masters and the Teams of Light offer you the support and wisdom that you need to flow through the course and make the highest choices for yourself as you do the work.

What is the Channel?

Everyone channels, the question is what or who are you channelling? The Open to Channel School teaches you to open your spiritual current and allow it to flow through you so that you can channel the highest levels of your being and resolve any part of you that is limiting or blocking this access to your divine self.
The Ascended Masters liken our light being to a very high skyscraper building with many levels. The channel pillar is our elevator that connects you to all of these levels – up and down. We are asked not to just visit the other levels in this elevator but to actually share the wisdom that is held on all of these levels through our channel pillar.
The focus in Open to Channel is not about getting ‘messages’ but to open your consciousness to embrace the many parts of you that hold your wisdom and your light and live this as your truth on the Earth.
When your channel pillar is open and clear it then allows your spiritual current to flow through you and then you are able to receive messages, wisdom, sound, images and lots more at a deeper level with profound clarity and knowing.

The Benefits of this School

If you remain committed to the work during the course of the school then you begin to:

  • Accept and manifest your Divine Self on the Earth
  • Find an inner peace and calm you have never known before
  • Discover that you stop reacting to everything in your life
  • Make choices that serve you to move forward and become more of who you are
  • Open to receive the guidance and support that has always been there for you, yet often you have been too distracted to receive
  • Accept and embrace your true gifts
  • Open to the miracles that are available to you in each moment in your life
  • Reach a higher potential in your life

New Course begins Monday 15th April 2019 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Cost: $2300AUD it includes 3 Universal Ray Healings, OTC manual, audios and personal welcome channel and assignment of an Ascended Master overlighting your journey, Higher Self Channel with keepership gift/focus.(includes Australian postage only, extra for international)
(payment arrangements can be made)

Non Refundable deposit of $AUD400 payable upon registration.

Please contact Zamara for any questions and registration form.