November 2nd – 13th 2019 in Bali

Learn to Merge your Mind, Heart and Body with the Infinite Love, Inner Peace, and Serenity of the Divine Within.

The Lotus Heart is a Multi-Dimensional Gateway of Your Heart Chakra, that when Activated, Transforms Your Being and Your Relationship to Life.

Receive Education about Inner Peace, also known as the Quiet Mind, and learn new understandings about your Greater Energy and Consciousness.

Open and Expand your Divine Feminine Connection and Receive the Initiation of 4 Higher Light Bodies.

Learn to Open Yourself and Receive from the Buddhas and The Celestial Mothers.

Bali is one of Gaia’s Divine Feminine Portals, chosen because it supports a being through Deep Transformation and Alchemization.

We invite you to receive your Lotus Heart’s Enlightenment with the Divine University’s International Teachers Anaan Kumara and Zamara Chamuel, with Graduate Mentor Saajz Azura, this November in Bali.
Brought to you by the Buddha’s lineage, The Celestial Mothers, and a large team of Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Ones, this amazing 12-day retreat program activates, initiates, and supports you to open, expand and gently merge deeply into your Lotus Heart, moving beyond the limitations of the personality self, also known as your ego nature.

The Lotus Heart is a direct connection with the Divine Feminine, the Universal Divine Mother and the Enlightened Buddha’s lineage, and when opened, will bring you profound inner peace, and divine illumination through all dimensions of your being.

You will be held in the sacred feminine portal of Bali, and be supported to gracefully transform as you receive enlightened wisdom teachings, sacred sounds, seedings, initiations, activations, encodements and divine dispensations.
You will receive teachings about your multi-dimensional nature and a deeper understanding of your multi-dimensional realities.
These teachings will support you to embrace your multi-dimensional nature, and open deeply to a new embodiment of divine inner peace and joy, amplifying this 1000-fold through the grace of your Lotus Heart’s expansion.


Anaan Ysmael Kumara (France)